Tibetan Set of 7 Chakra Black Meditation Singing Bowl

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Set of 7 Chakra Singing Bowl. These singing bowls are between 3" to 5.1" in diameter and weigh 2.5 kg together.


Rubbing a Bowl

A singing bowl can be played by rubbing wooden or a leather covered mallet can be used. Place the bowl on your flat palm and move the mallet slowly in a clockwise direction. If the bowl is too large or heavy you can place it on a table or cushion. Use the movement of the elbow and shoulder to move the mallet around the outside mouth of the bowl, keeping the whole mallet in constant contact with the bowl. If you begin to create a rattling sound, this is not desirable, slow down.

Striking a bowl

A singing bowl can be played by rubbing or striking it. If striking it, sit in a relaxed position with your back straight, on a chair or cushion on the floor. If right handed, hold the bowl on the palm of the left hand at the level of your heart. Keep the hand that is holding the bowl flat. Take a deep breath and think only of your breathing as you begin to play. Strike the bowl with an upward stroke.

  • Made in Nepal. Perfect for gift, decoration and meditation.
  • Material contain copper, tin, zinc, iron and other metals
  • The bowl produce r peaceful, calming, harmonic and soothing sound when tapped or played around the rim. Perfect to yourself to relaxing & meditation.
  • 7 Different color cushion & 2 wooden striker included. To Protect singing bowl from damage we offer free colorful hand made case. Check Description on how to play singing bowl.
  • 7 different size singing bowl




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